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Dance music is a very popular genre of music that people have loved for years. This music can set you in the mood to dance no matter where you are. This magazine dedicatedly talks about dance music starting from its history to modern dance music.

You will know about the latest releases, upcoming albums and artists, top charts, and more.

If you are fond of this type of music and would like to keep yourself updated about new releases and news, then you should subscribe to the magazine.

Subscription options

We provide several subscription options for our readers. We understand that readers have different preferences and it will be convenient for them to choose from these options.

Digital subscription

You can read the digital version of the magazine on your laptop, tablet or mobile. You will get notifications of the digital issue every month. The subscription grants you full access to our digital archive, and this will allow you to read the issues that you have missed. The subscription fee is €39.99 per year.

Print and digital subscription

This subscription grants you access to both the digital and print versions of the magazine. You will get 12 print issues delivered to your door and can access the digital versionon your laptop, tablet or mobile.

You will get notifications on your mobile and email about the new editions so that you can be the first one to read it. This subscription option will cost €49.99 per year.

Premium subscription

This option entitles you to a lot of free stuff. Along with access to both digital and print versions of the magazine, you will also receive our monthly newsletter. You can download our iOS and Android apps for free.

You can apply for a gift subscription to surprise your dear ones and get a discount. You will also get discount coupons for buying various music-related products.

Gift subscription

Providing a year’s magazine subscription can be a wonderful way to surprise your friends. We will send you a gift card where you can write your message.

Payment options

You can pay for the entire year at one time or pay monthly through the direct debit option. The subscription fee will be taken every month from your account.

You can cancel your subscription any time without incurring any extra charges. If you don’t cancel it then it will be automatically renewed. For further questions, you can contact us and we will help you.