6 Music Festivals You Should Attend

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Some people are crazy about music and will do anything to hear good music. If you are one of them then you must visit the music festivals that take place every year around the globe. Some of these events are very big and thousands of people gather to celebrate music.

Here are some of the best music festivals you can attend.


This grand music festival takes place in Vienna. It takes place in the open air and it’s completely free to attend. Millions of people attend the event every year. There are multiple stages and hundreds of performances take place.


This festival takes place in Morocco and by attending this event you will know how the Africans love to party. It is a celebration of Moroccan art and culture. Popular artists like Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and others take part in the event. You will see popular African singers too.


It is the biggest music festival in the US. Unlike some other music festivals, the ticket price is very cheap, and everyone can get access to the event. It takes place for 11 days and visitors will witness hundreds of amazing performances by top artists.

Rock in Rio

This is the largest music festival in South America. Artists like Elton John, Katy Perry and Rhianna have performed at this festival. It is a star-studded festival and people from around South America and all over come here to have a great time.

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

If you love jazz music, then you must attend this event. You will have a look at the African American history and culture. The festival pays homage to jazz and blues. It takes place towards April every year.

Electric Daisy Carnival

This festival celebrates electric dance music or EDM and it takes place in Las Vegas. Here you will hear bounce, house, trance, techno and other forms of electronic dance music. World-renowned DJs attend the festival every year.

Many of these festivals go on for several days. If you just visit the place for joining the festival, then you must book a hotel for the festival days. You must take your mobile phone with you as you will need it for communication, navigation, browsing, and even entertainment purposes.

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After playing a couple of your favourite casino games you should be ready to dance at the music festival the following day.

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